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      • DATA: 2001
      • AUTHOR: Shigeru Ban
      • WORK: Emergency relief project for India Earthquake 2001
      • LATITUDE (CLIMATE): Altitude: 257 m Latitude: 23 Length: 16N: 069 40E
      • LOCATION: India, Bhuj
  • ISO 3166-1: ISO 3166-1-IN·356·IND
  • DESCRIPTION: After losing their homes because of Gujenat earthquake in 2001, it was decided to build Paper Log Houses, with which it was possible to get to know the local circumstances. They are dwellings of reduced height, one-story, crowned by a vaulted roof and raised over land (they do not rest directly on land). The design was adapted to local conditions. Aiming to adapt to India´s warm climate, the roof was built using a tube of mixed paper and local materials such as bamboo. Ban transferred the emergency shelter building method to a series of big permanent public buildings which are aesthetically surprising, as a church located in Kobe.
  • APPLICATION: The Paper Log Houses are residential dwellings used as shelter after the earthquake.
  • SCALE: Dwellings of small scale: Indoor Space = 3,05x4,80 Semi Open Space = 3,27x1,80 with a rough height= 3m
  • MATERIALS: Debris of demolished buildings is used for the construction. The floor is made of mud mixed with manure, and the roof is made of bamboo. Two kinds of bamboo have been used: rib
  • STRATEGY: Shigeru Ban construction, innovative work made with paper and cardboard, recyclable materials. These buildings are a reminiscence of Japan´s traditional bamboo structures. One of the strategies followed was using a lattice for the semicircular gables in order to obtain ventilation inside the dwelling.
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